Is your business operating at peak energy efficiency?  Let us
help you find simple and practical ways to optimize your
bottom line.
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Increase Profits By
Cutting Your
Energy Costs
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Energy Conservation Audits
Unlocking savings and eliminating waste
At UCR Partners our goal is simple. We're here to
offer clear, independent advice on how best to
reduce energy consumption and utility costs.   By
doing this we help our clients reap  substantial
savings, effective energy management and
reduce environmental impact.
We provide:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduction in energy prices
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Improved management of energy spend
  • Drive towards controlling climate change
  • Energy projects advice, evaluation and
  • Strategic reviews of client's utility services /
Rebate Recovery
Take advantage of available rebates/incentives
UCR Partners find, qualifies, maximizes and
delivers available rebates and incentives for
capital projects.  Identification and the process of
applying for rebates and incentives is a time
consuming process that can require a high level
of engineering knowledge.  We ensures that
rebates and incentives are maximized and
recovered for all projects while saving your staff
the time and money required to do this in-house.

The key to successful rebate recovery is
engineering and utility expertise. We have the
expertise required to review all capital projects  
to maximize your rebate. Rebates can
dramatically impact the return on investment for
every capital project making it easier to justify
and minimize capital outlay.
Staff Training
We believe the most valuable asset of a
company is its staff. We actively invest in our
staff and encourage our clients to do the same.  
We provide training that will give relevant
advantages and benefits to your business.

We provide energy efficiency and awareness  
training selected to your staff as part of a
comprehensive Utility Cost Reduction campaign.

The results is a focused involvement of  your
entire organization to save energy and reduce
costs, at little or no-cost.
Utility Cost Reduction Partnership
Organizations that do not employ dedicated
Energy Managers but want to outsource a
professional energy management function can do
so. This service would meet individual client's
requirements which may be comprehensive or
selective in the following areas:
  • Establish an Energy Management Program
  • Performing energy site surveys
  • Identify and evaluate energy savings
UCR Partnership
Energy Awareness Training
Reduce Energy Costs
Rising energy prices have led to a
resurgence in Energy Conservation as a means
to mitigate increasing costs.  We emphasize
No-Cost/Low Cost energy measures that yield
immediate saving to improve your bottom line.
"The City of Winter
Park has utilized the
services of UCR
Partners to resolve
our elevated
customer concerns.  
We are extremely
satisfied with the level
of service they have

The City of Winter
Reducing Utility Cost and helping
Our Environment
Your Utility Cost Reduction Partner